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Welcome! These are free and online, One-year daily chronological, scripture, and topical Bible studies with devotionals for your spiritual enrichment. Each Bible study contains helpful Bible study tools like maps, timelines, and occasional pictures and diagrams. We help you understand the Bible and how it applies to you. These Bible studies are good for personal use, discipleship, and small groups. As Jesus touched people's lives in his time on earth, we believe you will be touched by the Master as you read the Word of God and respond to it. To make it easy to find us, bookmark the address of this page or add this page to your Favorites (one or the other is usually in the top menu section or starred in the top corner of your browser). For mobile users, a free app of our chronological Bible studies is available in Google Play. Just type chronological Bible studies, one-year chronological Bible studies, or Rodney Harrier in the search bar.You can download it and always have our Bible studies quickly available.

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Chronological Bible Studies:

We can help you understand the Bible and how it applies to you. As you read the Bible, using our one-year daily chronological Bible study devotionals, you will see how the events and people of the Bible all fit together in chronological sequence. In addition, we include Bible tools - maps and timelines, lessons to live by, Scripture verses to memorize, and even a space where you can write your own prayer response to each day's Bible study. This is more than Our Daily Bread; some might call it Our Daily Meal. Through our Chronological Bible studies you will grow in the knowledge of God and how to live to please him.This is a great discipleship tool! Best of all, this tool is here and free to use by anyone - no downloads, no personal information collected, and no memberships required. If you like the Chronological Bible studies, send a link to someone you know. Thank you.

Scripture Studies:

Here you will see how Bible passages fit in chronological Bible history. Choose a Bible passage link, and it will take you to a corresponding chronological Bible study. The addition of Individual Bible book studies are planned for 2015.

Topical Bible Studies:

Various Bible and current issues are shared from a Biblical perspective. Over 350 Bible studies are available. Many people choose these for personal use and for small group Bible studies.

Today's Chronological Bible study:

April 8 begins the book of 1Samuel. Learn about Israel's last and greatest judge, find out the source of true victory and gain a servant's heart by following these series of Bible studies. In it you will meet Israel's first king and the shepherd boy, David, who became a courageous soldier and later succeeded King Saul. You will also read many of the Psalms that David composed when hunted down by him. This will be a great source of encouragement to those who have felt the sting of jealousy or feel oppressed, trapped, or hunted down. God is your defense!

Victims of Circumstance

a woman in anguish April 18

Vindicate Me

man sitting with his back against the wall, alone April 19

Where is our Refuge?

tornado April 20



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