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Welcome to our One-Year Daily Chronological Bible Studies. Read the Bible in one year, free and online. Study the Bible in the order events, people, and writings probably occurred. Learn how the Psalms fit into the life of David and the history of Israel, learn how the prophets and the kings of Israel and Judah fit together, or study the life of Christ as all four gospels are woven together into one account. These Bible studies are great for discipleship, personal use and small groups. As you read the Bible, using our one-year daily chronological Bible study devotionals, you will see how the events and people of the Bible all fit together in chronological sequence. In addition, we include Bible study tools like maps, timelines, and occasional pictures and diagrams. Also included each study are lessons to live by, Scripture verses to memorize, and even a space where you can write your own prayer response to each day's Bible study. God bless you as you seek to understand God's Word and apply it daily to your life.

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November 11 through December 31 share the life and struggles of the early church and the future. There are many good lessons to learn in this series of studies. Thinking about the new year ahead? Why not make it a goal to read the Bible through in one year. We can help you as you follow our daily links.

Today's Chronological Bible study:

Christianity that Fits

puzzle pieceDecember 18

Persecution - How to Respond to it

hand in hand - large hand calming fears December 19

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December 18

December 19

Getting Right With God

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