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The Master's Touch Bible Studies

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Welcome! Are you a first time visitor? No worries—this is a totally free, mobile friendly, no strings attached website. Read about out all the different features of this site here or see an introduction video of the chronological Bible studies.

You can use the search bar to search any topic or Scripture that we have on our site, or choose to study the Bible in any of the four ways offered —Chronologically, Interactively, by Scripture passage, or by Topic. Thank you.

One-Year Daily Chronological Bible Studies

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How should we worship God? This is the question which is answered beginning in our February 10 chronological Bible studies. Although we do not do things the same way the Israelites did, there are many rich spiritual truths we can glean from their practices. Join us!

Healthcare and Holiness

healthcare workers February 19-20

It's Time for a Cleanup!

spring and fall cleaning February 21

Staying Clean—a Practical Guide to Holiness

boy giving dog a bath February 22

Interactive Bible Studies

Perhaps you want a more indepth study for yourself or your small group. In these Bible studies you read the Scriptures, type in the answers, and then check them with the answers provided. The books of James and Ephesians are offered now. Let me know if you like them.

Scripture Studies

Here you will see how Bible passages fit in chronological Bible history. Choose a Bible passage link, and it will take you to a corresponding chronological Bible study.

Topical Bible Studies

Various Bible and current issues are shared from a Biblical perspective. Nearly 400 Bible studies are now available. Many people choose these for personal use and for small group Bible studies.

Connect With Us

If you have enjoyed these Bible studies, please let us know. We would especially like to know of those of you who have completed the entire year of Chronological Bible studies and how God has blessed you through them. We will not use your names or any personal information (see our privacy policy), but we would like to share your anonymous testimonies to promote these Bible studies. Leave a message on our chronological Bible studies Facebook page or email. Or, signup to receive daily links, and occasional inspirational quotes in your inbox. Thank you for following us.















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