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I am a committed Christian, husband, and father to four adult children. I am a graduate from Clarks Summit University in Clarks Summit, Pa. where I earned a B.S. in Bible in the Pre-Seminary program. In addition to maintaining and adding to this website, I have been active teaching the Bible and leading in church settings. I have been self-employed in the cleaning industry since 1990, and I correspond frequently with many different people, both professional and non-professional. Every Bible study is thoroughly researched for accuracy, but theological words and concepts are simplified for average men or women to understand and apply to their daily lives.

In 1995 I started reading The One-Year Chronological Bible (ISBN 0-8423-5090-X). I did this every year, and I liked it because it arranges the Bible in the order the events probably (or at least possibly) occurred. I found the Bible easier to understand when put together that way, and it gave me insights that I would have otherwise overlooked. I knew others could also profit in the same way.

In 2008 I searched for a Bible study for the Chronological Bible for my own use and for those of my students. I searched in book stores and the internet but could not find one. It was at that time that the Lord spoke to my heart to write the Bible studies myself. This was a daunting task, bigger than I could ever have imagined; I was overwhelmed with the thought of writing 365 Bible studies! God reminded me that he has given me the ability to do this, however, so I had no excuse. Every day has been a faith journey as I rely on His help to rightly divide the Word of Truth and be faithful to God and the messages found in His book, the Holy Bible.

I started writing the devotionals for my own benefit, but I was so blessed I started sharing what I had written with others. They told me the devotionals were very good so now I am writing them for you. These are provided with no costs or strings attached. I hope you will be as blessed reading them as I have been writing them. It has been a spiritually rewarding journey for me. I hope you will take the journey with me and discover how God’s truth affects your personal life. I believe you will be challenged daily to live your life pleasing to God, and that it will positively affect your relationship with others. Please let me know what you think by clicking on the “comments” link at the end of each Bible study.



Nathan Sabin, Pastor and Teacher, earned his Master of Divinity from Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Mi. He edited the theology and word usage of the Bible studies.

Nikki Walker, former high school English teacher. She edited the Bible studies for grammar, spelling, and word usage.

Secretary: Tom Langston put together Scripture support pages for the Bible studies and created all the links for the Old Testament studies.

Web Designer: Grace Lee. She designed the site and created all the initial links to make the web site operational.

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