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Removing Your Idols

In what things or people do we place our confidence—our government, business or jobs, relationships, insurance, or material possessions? These things can become our gods. The one true God wants to be our one and only confidence. When we place our security in others or in other things, he may strip us of these so he is recognized and worshipped as the one true God, the Creator, Provider, and Savior of the entire world (more...).

The Egyptians, in the times of the Biblical patriarch Moses, placed their confidence in many gods. They had gods which governed the waters, the weather, the sun, the crops, fertility, and they had other gods as well (more...). To all these gods they worshipped and paid homage. But in today’s Bible reading we learn that in a short order of time all their confidence in these gods is destroyed, one by one, by the one true God. How and why does he do this?

First, the LORD brings ten plagues on the Egyptians so they can see who is really God. If you remember our last Bible study (February 3), Pharaoh neither knew God nor feared him. Through these plagues the Egyptians will see that the LORD is Sovereign, Omnipotent, and can work wonders. He is no fake—he does not make idle threats—he carries out his will! God may send afflictions to our lives so we will not rely on our measly idols but on the Almighty God, our Creator. He cares for us, and only he can bring forgiveness, peace and spiritual life for our souls (more...).

Second, God plagues Egypt so that the Israelites will see who is truly God. The Israelites had been exposed to Egyptian gods and their worship for 400 years. Each of the ten plagues is an attack on their gods and the protections they are supposed to give. When God brings us deliverance, we see who he is.

Third, God delivers Israel from the plagues so that his people will see the LORD's favor towards them. From this they will gain faith and hope that he will keep his promises to deliver them from bondage and bring them to the Promised Land. When God works his mighty power in our lives, it also brings us faith and hope.

Fourth, God uses Moses in displaying the power of the LORD. This makes Pharaoh fear God’s servant. Seeing God’s miraculous power also gives Moses confidence in him for future ventures into the wilderness.

As it will be with Moses and the Israelites, it is in the wilderness of our lives that our faith is tested. We need to pay attention and draw confidence from God before days of affliction come upon us. If we rely upon him and obey him, he will work his will through us.

In what people or things do we place our confidence? These may be our idols. If we lose these one by one, where will our confidence then lie? Is the foundation of our lives on shaky ground? The LORD gives a firm foundation for our souls. He delivers us from the bondage of sin (more...). He is there and ready to help, if we put our total reliance in him. Our ways may not always be easy, but as streams in the desert, he will provide every need for us who look to him in faith.

Lessons to Live By

  • God sometimes has to strip us of our idols so we can recognize who he is.
  • We can draw our confidence from God by observing what he is doing now.
  • God keeps his promises to those who have a relationship with him.
  • The LORD gives a true foundation for the soul. He delivers us from the bondage of sin, and he is ready to help, if we put our total reliance in him. (more...)

Today’s Bible Memory Verse

Psalm 9:9 (NIV) “The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.”

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A Look Ahead: God delivers the Israelites from bondage and institutes a ceremony to remember that day. It is A Picture With a Purpose. Join us to discover what that is and how it applies to us in our Next Lesson.

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