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Dates or Place

Accountability, Age of

March 16 more

Adopted and Included

December 12


Ephesians 3

Advent - hope for Israel and the world

September 28

Advent - proving Christ was authentic

September 29

Advent - the preparation for his ministry

September 30

Adversity, Courage and Wisdom in

December 9

Adversity, Spiritual

November 25

Age of Accountability

March 16 more

Ambitions, over-zealous

January 23

Attention, getting

August 7


September 29

Alienated and Misjudged

January 10

Animosity, Overcoming

January 27

Answers to Some of Life's Most Challenging Questions

January 1

Appropriate Words

January 6



Backsliders, help for

July 26

Beatitudes, meaning of

October 6 more


October 26

Benefits of Obeying our Parents

May 25


November 5

Birth, New (spiritual birth, birth of the church)

November 11

Blindness, Spiritual

October 23

Bribery versus Honesty

May 30

Bullies, dealing with

June 16



Calamity, World-Wide

July 3

Cancer, stopping a spreading

July 7

Character, godly

October 2

Celebrate, reasons to

April 30


September 13

Celebration, New Year

December 31

Challenges, Giant

April 15

Challenges, Accepting Life's

August 8-9

Challenges, Weathering Life's

June 10

Chaos and Calamity-some causes

May 7

Chaos, some cures for

April 2

Choice, make the right

February 25

Christian Liberty and Responsibility

November 27

Christianity that Fits

December 18

Christianity, Practical

November 16

Christianity, Rules or Relationship?

November 19


September 29, December 25

Circumstances, Inconsolable

Ezekiel 24

Cleanup, it's time for a

February 21

Cleanup and Restoration

July 9

Confidence, Secure

Ephesians 1:15-23

Comfort for the Afflicted

July 20

Commended by Men and God

December 1


October 1

Compassion for those who stray or are weak

James 5, 13-20


November 30

Conduct, Church

December 17

Conflict Resolution

November 21

Connections and Choices, right

April 6

Consoling or Counseling

January 8

Contests, spiritual

December 29

Contracts and Commitments

March 22

Cooperation with God

November 22

Corrupt Culture, Do not Conform

Ezekiel 24

Corruption, preventing

March 19

Courage, step up to the plate, volunteer

April 3

Court Trials and Injustice

November 6

Court, your day in

January 16-17

Creation or Evolution?

Genesis Introduction

Cross, eight responses to

November 8


November 8

Cruelty, Physical and Mental

November 24

Culture of Corruption

Ezekiel 24

Cure, a painful

May 12, 13



Davidic Covenant

May 5

Day, a new

September 2

Day-Age theory of creation—is it valid?

Genesis introduction

Day of Disaster

August 22

Day of the LORD

July 25

Dedication and Responsibility

May 22, 23

Dedication for Service

February 11

Defeat, handling

May 4

Defense and Shield, our

May 1

Defense, organizing

March 2

Defense, our

June 12

Defense, presenting

December 10


June 18

Deliverance, waiting for

May 10

Depression; some causes and cures

June 7

Despair to Peace, from

November 10

Destiny, consider yours

June 9

Deterioration, preventing

April 1


April 26

Direction and Refuge

March 30

Disasters (natural), learning from

August 11

Discipline, Fairness, and Grace

February 24

Distress to Delight

September 16


November 27

Divorce, Remarriage, and Children

October 24

Do It Right

April 29

Dreams and Visions

September 5




November 10, Passion week

Egypt, Proud and Unreliable

Ezekiel 29-32

Eight Responses to the Cross

November 8

Encouraging the weak

James 5, 13-20


October 13

Encourage, Don't Discourage

January 9

End of Talking

August 14

Ending Well

May 18

Endurance, Faithful

November 23

Endurance in Tough Times

January 7


December 21


June 27

Escape and Deliverance

April 17

Evil Repaid

August 12

Evil, the Purging of

Ezekiel 22

Evil, removing

March 20

Evolution or Creation?

Genesis Introduction

Executors of the Estate

November 17



Faith, courageous

September 8

Faith, launching our

November 17

Faith, overcoming small

April 4

Faith or Fear?

March 4

Faith or Fiction?

James 2, 14-26

Faith or Obstinacy?

April 13

Faith, persevering

December 24

Faith or Skepticism

October 8


May 6

(Be) Faithful, Don't Fall!

September 27

Fall from Greatness

July 5,6

Family Heritage, protecting our

January 31

Fall from Greatness

Ezekiel 26-28

Fall from Great Heights

August 28

Family Matters--Love, Divorce, Remarr, Children

October 24

Family/Society responsibilities

November 27

Family Trees

January 4

Favoritism, fixing

James 2,1-13

Fear of God

February 8

Fear of the LORD, living in

May 25

Fears, Overcoming

October 11

Ferris-Wheel Life

January 24

Fight or Not?

April 23

Fights and Quarrels

James 4, 1-12


October 28

Flood of Adversity

June 30

Focus or Mission

October 3

Follow Instructions

April 14

Fool, don't be a

May 29

Foolishness versus Wisdom

April 21

Forgiveness and Restoration

May 3

Forgotten, we are not

May 9

Freed by God's Grace

Ephesians 2

Freedom from Bondage

December 5

Freedom in Christ

November 20


December 14



Garden, tending your spiritual

April 25

Giant Challenges, facing

April 15

Give Generously

December 2

God Answers Prayer

September 7

God, is he with us?

July 18

God or the Occult?

April 24

God Protects His Own

March 8

God wants Helpers

February 27

God, Our Shield and Reward

January 18

God's Favor, Securing

April 27

God's Presence, the power of

April 10

God's Providential Care

January 28

God's Unfailing Love

September 21

God Works for His Glory and our Good

September 12

Godly Leadership

September 18

Good or Bad Leadership?

September 14

Good Times

June 4

Gossip, is it so Bad?

June 2

Grace, Amazing

September 1

Grace Extended

November 14-15

Grace, Forfeited

August 25

Grace Giving

December 2

Grace Living

October 6

Grace Living (2)

December 3

Grace and Personal Responsibility

April 12

Grace and Responsibility

December 7

Growing Pains

July 11

Guilt and Forgiveness

May 2

Guilt and Responsibility

February 17



Hardship, enduring

March 3

Healthcare and Holiness

February 19-20

Heaven - What is it like? Who will be there?

October 10


July 12

Holding People to Account

August 29


February 19

Holy Spirit, How we can Work with Him

November 22

Honor Versus Dishonor

February 18


September 28

Hope, a Glimmer of

Ezekiel 33

Hope for the Hopeless

August 27

Hope for the Hurting

July 22

Hope in the Midst of Despair

August 21

Hope, light of

April 7

Hope or No Hope – What is the Key?

June 1

Hope Renewed

August 30

Hope Revived and New Perspective

January 30

Hope, securing our

April 27

Hope, vain

August 15

Horns, locking

November 13

How is God working in our World?

September 6

How will we End?

August 31


October 29



Idols, removing your

February 4

Imitate Christ

Ephesians 5:1-21


July 29

Included in God's grace

December 12

Ingratitude and Unfaithfulness

August 16

Inheritance, claim yours

March 29

Inheritance, safe-guarding your

March 18

Inheritance, Spiritual

Ephesians 1:1-14

Influence, expanding our

October 12


November 7

Instructions, final

November 4


September 11

Is God one or three?




Jealousy, Defeating the Monster of

April 16

Jealousy, Godly

December 3

Jesus, Responses to

October 16

Jesus, was He really born the Son of God?

Sept 29

Jesus, Who is He?

October 22

Journey, Spiritual, preparations for

March 1

Joy and Liberty, Keeping

December 16

Joy, Keep or Renew

December 25

Joyful Living (even in bad circumstances)

December 15

Judgment and Grace

January 2

Judgment or Mercy?

June 28

Judgmental Pride

January 14

Justice, timely

January 11-12



Kindness, remembering

July 13





Last, first

October 25

Laws, social, the importance of

February 9

Leaders, what should motivate them?

June 11

Leadership Advice

June 3

Leadership Challenges – Do Not Be Dissuaded

September 20

Leadership – Good and Bad

June 14

Leadership, Born of Necessity

February 2

Leadership, new

May 19

Leadership, perils of

April 5

Leadership, starting out right

April 28

Leadership Struggles, early

February 3

Leadership, transferring,

March 24

Leadership in Tough Times

September 19

Learn Christ

Ephesians 4:17-32

Learning to Live by Faith

February 7


February 1

Liberty and Joy, keeping our

December 16

Life, evidence of a righteous

January 13

Life-Threatening Tests, the Purpose of

February 8

Life, Worthy

December 13

Lights in the Darkness

August 3


October 9

Living in Joy (even in bad circumstances)

December 15

Living in the Fear of the LORD

May 25

Locking Horns–Handling Opposition

November 13

Loss and Hope

August 23-24

Love and Betrayal

November 2

Love, Keeping it Strong

June 5,6

Love Unfailing and Praise

September 21

Lures, Beware of

May 26



Making our Commitments Stick

June 22


November 27

Maturity; Awareness

July 14

Mean Neighbors

Ezekiel 25

Meaning in This Life, Searching for

June 7


June 17

Mission or Focus

October 3

Missionary Activity

November 18

Mistake, Costly

January 26

Motivation - Our Faithful God

March 28



What is so Special About Jesus' Name?

November 12

Neighbors, Mean

Ezekiel 25

New Perspective and Revived Hope

January 30

New Year Celebration in the End Times

December 31

Not Worth Saving

August 19



Obeying Parents, Benefits of

May 25

Obstinacy and Its Results

July 27


October 18

Offerings, our

February 16


November 13

Order Out of Chaos

June 29


February 11

Organized, getting

May 15, 16

Overcoming Animosity

January 27


June 25


September 17

Ownership and Responsibility

February 28



Palm Sunday

October 27

Paul's First Missionary Journey

November 18

Paul's Second Missionary Journey

November 22

Passion Week Bible studies

November 1-10


February 5

Pastor Your Flock

Ezekiel 34

Patience in Tribulation

James 5, 7-12

Peace with our Neighbors

January 22

Peace, ultimate

July 19

Perceptions about Jesus – Right and Wrong

October 27

Persecution, Right Responses

December 19

Perspective, New and Hope Revived

January 30

Pictures, with a Purpose

February 5

Place to Call Our Own, a

March 13

Plan of God

December 6

Plans, irrevocable

August 20

Pleasing God

October 19

Policies and Rules

March 21

Power of the Tongue

James 3, 1-12

Power Struggles; how to defuse them

April 26

Practical Christianity

November 16

Praise and God's Unfailing Love

September 21

Praising God

September 9


September 30

Preparations for a Spiritual Journey or Service

March 1

Preparations, Storm

October 30

Preparations, New Year

December 28

Presenting a Defense

December 10

Presumptions, Arrogant

January 15

Pride, Godly

December 2

Pride, Judgmental

January 14

Promise, a glorious

May 5

Proofs about Christ —was he who people say he is?


Prophecy, understanding Bible

Sept 10

Protégés. Be Careful Who You Follow!

October 7

Proud and Unreliable

Ezekiel 29-32

Providence, God's

January 28

Punishment and Discipline, understanding

July 8

Punishment of Nations

August 5


August 18

Purging Evil

Ezekiel 22

Pursued, Victimized, Stalked - what to do about it

April 18



Quarrels and Fights

James 4, 1-12



Rebellion—How do we Handle it?

March 5

Rebellion and Unreturned Love

July 2

Rebellion, repercussions for

August 17

Refuge and Direction

March 30

Relationships, Restoration

October 24

Religion, True

October 15

Remember Me

November 3

Remembrance and Restoration

March 14

Remove and Renew

January 3

Removed and Replaced

April 8

Repayment for Evil

August 12


January 20

Respect, learning

June 19

Response, joyous

December 15

Responses to Christ's crucifixion, eight

November 8

Responsibility and Ownership

February 28

Responsibility and Restoration

March 9

Relationship, restored

February 13

Remarriage, Divorce, Children

October 24

Rest, finding

December 22

Resurrection, Importance of

November 29

Resurrection and Reunification

Ezekiel 37

Retirement Center, ideal

September 3

Retribution, Devine

December 30

Revelation and Review

December 26

Right, getting it

February 14-15


December 4

Righteousness, the rewards of

July 21

Rules, the Purpose of

March 16



Satanic Attacks, Protect Yourself from

Ephesians 6:10-24

Saving, When it is not Worth it

Ezekiel 23

Saving Prayer

July 15

Scorning God's message, results of

August 6

Searching for Meaning in This Life

June 7 , October 14

Securing God's Favor

April 27

Seed Planted, a

November 9

Sermon on the Mount

October 6

Sin, what is it?

April 27 more


November 27

Siren, heed the

July 1

Self-Indulgence – an Impending Storm

June 26

Servant, be a

June 23

Serve or be Served

November 1


July 16

Signs to Watch for

October 31

Silence of God, the

May 11


November 26

Songs to Sing on the Way to Church

September 22

Spiritual Freedom

December 5

Spiritual Journey, preparation

March 1

Stalking - what to do about it

April 18

Standards, Maintaining God's Holy

February 26

Starting Out Right

April 28

Starting Over

May 14

Staying Clean; a Practical Guide to Holiness

February 22

Step Up to the Plate, Volunteer!

April 3

Serve or Be Served

November 1

Spoiled Meat

Ezekiel 24

Stewardship of Time and Resources

October 21

Signs, watch for the

October 31

Storm, Coming

June 26

Storms, Navigating of

December 11

Strong-Willed; the advantages and disadvantages

April 9

Struggling, the end of

January 25

Succeed, how to

March 15

Success, How to Handle It

October 5

Sunday Christians

July 30

Sweeping Away

July 25

Sword for Slaughter

Ezekiel 21



Tabernacle and Our Worship Center, the

February 10

Taking the Gospel to the World

November 18


James 1,13-18

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

August 10

Tests of Faith, difficult

January 21

Tests of Genuine Character

January 29

Threats, responding to

July 10

Throne Room of Heaven

December 27

Time Well Spent

June 8

Tongue, the power of

James 3, 1-12

Torch, passing the

May 17

Track, back on

March 10

Traditions and Change

October 4


April 22

Treasure, a hidden

July 28


October 20

Trials and Tests, the purpose of

James 1,1-12

Tribulation, patience in

James 5, 7-12

Tribute, Our lives are a

February 23

Tri-unity or Trinity of God.


Trouble; how to handle it

March 26

True God and his Faithful Servants

June 15

True or False Religion?

October 15

Turning Away from or Toward God

July 23

Turning the Tables

Ezekiel 35-36

Trust, restoring a broken

February 12

Two Kinds of Wisdom

James 3, 13-18

Type, Biblical, what is it?

April 27 more

Tyre, Fall from Greatness

Ezekiel 26-28



Unfair Treatment

December 10

Unfailing Love of God and Praise

September 21

Useful or Useless?

July 31

Unity and Securing God's Favor

April 27



Vehicle, a Better

December 23

Vengeance and Comfort

July 24

Vengeance and Rewards

March 11

Victimized-what to do about it

April 18

Victory, Keys to

June 13

Victory, preparing for

March 17

Vindicate Me

April 19

Virus, preventing a

December 20


April 3



Wait! Count the Cost

April 11

Warnings, last

August 4

Watchmen, spiritual

August 13

Waters of Cleansing, Testing, and Victory

March 6-7

Weakness and Betrayal

May 8

Wealth and Wisdom

May 24

Wealth and Wisdom

James 4,13- 5,6

Weathering Life's Challenges

June 10

Welcome, Christian

December 8

What Makes a House a Home?

May 20, 21

What to Do While Waiting

January 19

What's God Doing?

September 15

What’s In a Name?

November 12

What's Next?

September 10

When You Shouldn't Help

August 1

When God Does not Save

Ezekiel 23

When God is Taking too Long–Timely Justice

January 11-12

When God Shows Up

August 13

Where is our Refuge?

April 20

Who is God?

June 24

Who is James?

James 1, 1

Who is Jesus

October 22

Who is King?

September 4

Who is the True God?

July 17

Who is truly religious?

James 1,19-27

Why do the Innocent and Righteous Suffer?

January 5

Why Does God Allow Evil?

August 2

Why Should We Trust God?

February 6

Win, preparing to

March 25


March 27

Wisdom for Living

May 25

Wisdom, two kinds

James 3, 13-18

Wisdom's invitation

May 27

Witnesses to a Covenant with God

March 23

Word of God, its importance

September 23,24

Words and Actions, right

May 28

Words, last

March 31

Words, appropriate

January 6

Work or Not?

May 31

Working by Faith or Fear

September 11

Working With God

November 22

Worship, Proper

November 28

Wrong Choices Can Hurt

August 26

Wrongs Avenged

June 21



Yeast, a little

June 20

Youthful Pride

January 14



Zeal for God, Keeping

September 25,26

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